4th Dimension Acrylics

Midnight Moon
Midnight Moon

Creating from the imagination

Most of my art comes from my imagination.  I like a mystical feel and attempt to incorporate that into many of my paintings.

The art of observation

I am a self-taught artist, I read about art and observe the work of others.  I enjoy using a photo of a landscape and adding my own ideas on how to make it unique.  Using light and shadow, highlights, splashes of color, I try to create depth and an environment I would enjoy walking by or through.

A little about me

I am an engineer and have been working in the automotive industry as a designer and engineer since 1983, and have been painting since 2013.  I have always loved attending art shows and street fairs.  I appreciate all types of art, but paintings most of all.  I do have family member that worked as a professional artist, another family member that has become an award-winning watercolor artist, and more family that has studied fine art at the university and like me, create for the pure enjoyment.

A composition of flowers from St. Thomas VI

Purple flowers for my wife

From an Indiana State Park

The Nature of Art is the Art of Nature

If you think about that, it's true.  It doesn't matter if it is realistic, impressionistic or abstract, an artist creates in their reality, based on a creative perception of their subject.  Everything we see comes from nature at a basic level.

A lot of my art is created from my imagination and my perceptions of nature. Some of it is based on an image I've used as a reference.  Much of it, especially when I don't use a reference, has a mystical feel to it.  I feel that nature itself is mystical in many ways, so what I create from my imagination many times reflects that.